Best manga-based anime

The Mangas was brought back to life with these anime adaptations. The majority of anime find their source from mangas and it is not a surprise. These adaptations are either a hit or miss. Today we are going to look at some of the best manga adaptations out there!

1. Death Note-While the story gets boring after each arc, Death Note is skilfully directed and presented. It somehow manages to a layer of style that seems missing in the manga. With excellent voice acting and some great animation, Death Note’s anime adaptation soars up above its manga.

2. Prison School-Funny, intense and just impressive enough to leave the viewer in awe, Prison School’s anime adaptation manages to do justice to the manga. Although it has some issues it makes for an excellent alternative to the manga as it highlights the series’ best elements.

3. Hunter x Hunter-The anime adaptation managed to add new fans to the fandom as it takes over the viewers with an excellent direction, pleasing soundtrack, and amazing animation.

4. Parasyte-The Maxim-Staying true to its original source the anime did justice to the manga with scenes that were beautifully adapted, leaving the fans impressed. Despite being an old manga the anime was able to keep the viewers hooked with its impactful and gruesome scenes.