The best We Got Married Couples!

The couples featured on the show have been a hot topic since the introduction of the Korean reality television series We Got Married on MBC. It is most fascinating admittedly to see a pair meet for the first moment and see them become a married couple. Fans in Korea and overseas supported many of the marriages on We Got Married strongly, but which partners who met on the tv series are the personal favorites of the viewers?

1) Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim

They're the most unbelievable couple in the entire show. Their chemistry is insane! They are so compatible! From wrestling wars to cheeky, straightforward pranks. And it's just like what they've got is natural.

2) Joy And Sungjae

We were made to laugh, to fall in love with them. And as they ended their simulated relationship, they broke our hearts as well. That's a traumatic episode. They are, even so, one of the rare couples we still see talking to each other during the marriage.

3) Victoria & Nichkhun

Victoria melted Nichkhun's heart with her signature aegyo, the very first "foreigner" pair, while Nichkhun was the most respectful and romantic hubby ever. The couple even had a vegetable patch together