Bhavesh Joshi Superhero turns 3: 3 Reasons that made this underrated movie a cult classic over time!

Even though the audiences did not turn to the theaters upon the release of this film 3 years back, but if there is one film that has become cult thanks to the fans' love over the years, it has to be this one. So here are 3 reasons how this eventually happened:


1 Emergence of OTT

This is pretty obvious but can't be left out that OTT has had a huge role to play behind many movies like this get their dues credited to them.


2 A strong storyline

Apart from the origin of a self made Superhero which was extremely amusing to watch, what eventually connected with the audiences with this film especially was its strong storyline and a well written plot that is prevalent and much closer to reality even in today's times.


3 Underrated performances

Right from Harshvarrdhan Kapoor to late Nishant Kamath, this movie had some of the most hard-hitting performances that appealed to the audiences eventually and led to some strong word of


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