Bhool Bhuliyaa 2: Why different responses on OTT and theatres?

A film like Bhool Bhulaiya needed that big screen to come up with the expected reactions from the audience. People who have watched the film on the OTT platform had just a similar experience to watching other horror movies, however, people who chose to watch it on screen could actually enjoy the movie a little more.

A Theater is an experience in itself. Some movies are meant to be seen only in Theaters, especially the Avengers or Star Wars. On a Screen of this huge size, with a sound system that puts you in the centre of things. A Theater is good for an outing. A Family can go to the movies, enjoy the movie, and enjoy the snacks offered. So a Theater and an OTT platform have different purposes The Theater is meant for the overall experience. Large Screens, Sound Systems, the full package while OTT is meant for immediate entertainment for people who are constrained for time.

And maybe that's the reason that the film did extremely well when it comes to theatres.