Bhoomi Review - Formula film gone horribly wrong

I watched the film with so much expectations because it's Jayam Ravi's 25th film and it had a very interesting premise. I didn't realize I was in for a cringe fest. There were many logical fallacies, and there's literally anything possible in the Bhoomi universe from humans breathing carbon dioxide to deadly virus causing blindness. The eye candy female lead exist only for the songs that weren't even good. In another case of Bollywood actor wasted as villian, we have Ronit Roy as 'one dimensional' corporate villian. Bhoomi contains every aspect of 'Formula film' except that it's poorly executed. However, it's a one man show of Jayam Ravi. You can watch the film for Jayam Ravi who has given a very engaging performance. But otherwise, it's just a formula film gone horribly wrong! Have you watched the film?