Bhoot Police : A Watchable ride with ample dosage of humour and thrills.

Stree was undoubtedly a new wave among the horror-comedy films with a perfect blend of both genres. Bhoot Police remind you of Stree at many places though it's not as intriguing as the former.

Saif Ali Khan & Arjun Kapoor play two ghost hunters who take people's superstitious beliefs to earn money. While Vibhu played by Saif is money minded, Chiru played by Arjun Kapoor is the righteous one following his father's footsteps. Bhoot Police doesn't try to change the clich├ęs of horror films and hasn't got any novelty to offer but unlike bollywood-ish films this Pawan Kriplani directorial has staged the events pretty decently. The film dives into the premise from the very first frame and introduces us to the world of tantric brothers without any delay. With an ample dose of hilarious situations and taut narrations this horror comedy hooks us into the mysterious journey. The predictable nature of the screenplay at least to an extent is overshadowed by the fast paced narration and humorous writing.

Bhoot Police works largely due to Saif Ali Khan's impeccable comic timing and quirkiness. He makes several witty one-liners and carries the role with elan. Arjun Kapoor is rather serious here and makes a good companion to Saif. While the leading ladies have nothing to offer, Yami Gautham has got a little edge over the others. Jaya Krishna Gummadi's sharp visuals has effectively captured the mood of the film. Lack of songs and other unnecessary commercial elements have also helped in shaping up the film. On the flip side the extensively stretched climax portion and few underdeveloped characters spoils the fun.

Even though Bhoot Police is childish on the base level it manages to entertain within its limited space and short runtime. With less expectation this no-brainer could be a fun watch.