Big Bollywood Debate: Bollywood Romance in the 2000s Vs 2020s

The evolution of storytelling in Bollywood had been a gradual process. With a series of flops in the 1990s, the film industry felt the scarcity of ideas and soon the filmmakers shifted their stories from exaggerated reality to down to earth realism. Movies started to get adapted from novels, plays and short stories (Devdas, Parineeta, OMG) and soon they even showcased people with disability as their main characters.

Now coming to the next decade biopics of even lesser-known characters like Silk Smitha in The Dirty picture (2011) showcased the importance of good story-telling.

Whereas short budget movies like Bheja fry (2007), and Peepli Live (2010) stole the show even with a 'not so popular' star cast.