Is Big Boss 15 makers favoring Shamita Shetty?

We have always witness Shamita Shetty being favored by Big Boss 15. Recently there were three wild card entries of Rajeev, Rakesh and Neha bhasin in Big Boss-15 , and all three were very close to Shamita Shetty.

Ex-Big Boss OTT contestant Moose Jattana commented on Big Boss 15 makers on being biased towards the Shamita, and said, "Give her the trophy and just finish the game; This house has become her place now."

T.V actress Kamya Punjabi also slams Big Boss 15 makers on this. Kamya tweeted, “Just started watching the last night’s epi of #BB15 n I feel why why why???? Why this special treatment? Why sending a friend n a boyfriend? This is so unfair for all the other contestants!”

Do you also feel Big Boss 15 is biased towards Shamita Shetty?