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The big question 'Did BTS pave the way or not'

Fans and Haters assemble, lets break this big question of whether BTS paved the way or not.

Many 'kpop stans,' to use a polite term, argue that the second generation idols, such as BigBang (Biggest VIP fan here), 2NE1, EXO (EXO-L here), and even PSY, paved the way and, to some extent, made the world outside of kpop aware of their existence.

But the question here is 'pave the way' rather than 'create a way.' And for some dumb people out there let me simplify it for you

Pave The Way :

to make it easier for (something to happen or someone to do something)

There you go, they paved a way for other kpop groups and idols to venture into the global market.

Yes, other kpop groups had an impact, but still not enough to introduce the kpop phenomenon or the hallyu wave to the rest of the world.

And lets not forget even other idol groups like TWICE, Shinee and YG himself!

Is it true that BTS laid the groundwork?

Yes, BTS did and people need to realize that saying "BTS paved the way" does not imply that BTS is superior to all other idol groups.



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