A Big Salute to Mumbai Police for Calling Out Movies like Kabir Singh for their Misogynistic Tones

Objectifying women and glorifying misogynistic behaviour is almost a "usual" in a Bollywood masala movie. They have been doing it since ages and the scary part being that the bar gets slightly pushed each year with movies like Dabanng, Kabir Singh, Haseen Dilruba, which not only tend to normalise some of the objectionable content but also have the ability to impact the youth in many ways.


Meanwhile the debate around what should be considered objectionable and what could have negative impact on the society is still on, Mumbai Police in an attempt to discourage content that tend to glorify misogyny has issued a warning to the filmmakers to be careful with their words and action, "Cinema is a reflection of the society. So choose your words and actions with care, unless you want the law to intervene."


That being said, it does mean that Art and the liberties that go along with that have to be compromised but what good is cinema if it doesn't add value to the society and what good is entertainment if it brings down or disrespects a gender!? Your comments on this?