Is BigBang’s GD and Blackpink’s Jennie dating ?

Dispatch, a South Korean media outlet, announced that Jennie of Blackpink and G-Dragon of BIGBANG are dating and they've been seeing each other for a year. The report added that now the two of them were seen meeting in secret and that their dates have always been at home. This does not come as a surprise because years ago before Jennie debuted, she appeared in the music video for his song That XX in 2012 before she debuted with Blackpink. It was mentioned in an article by Soompi that: "G-Dragon has a personal parking lot and a private elevator for his penthouse, which Jennie was able to use without having to verify her identity." In addition, it said that after work, Jennie would meet GD and this would be her routine nearly every day. The report also indicated that the relationship between GD and Jennie in their entertainment agency is an "open secret" and also that their respective managers would take turns taking Jennie to the house of GD. "A source told Dispatch that Jennie's mom already acknowledges their relationship, besides YG Entertainment, and "...she's glad he takes special care of her.