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Biotique Bio Papaya Face wash with100% Botanical Extracts

This was my first brand @biotique_world 

2 years back when I decided to stop using soaps which were making my skin so dry and then I came across Biotique products for my Skin. Till now I m constantly using this face wash & got some other products for my proper routine when I started seeing a visible difference in my skin. 


How this product works ? 

 Papaya contains Papain enzymes & beta carotene which is really very effective at removing dead cells & and helps in skin lightening. 

This face wash has really and genuinely helped me in so many ways to give a life to my Skin. 

Blended with pure papaya fruit & natural Ayurvedic ingredients to make your skin rejuvenate & glow. This face wash helps in improving the dead surface of the skin , unclog & deepcleanse the pores, helps in controlling your Acne, It has a gel like consistency with a delicate mild scrub particles in it , which are not at all harsh on skin but makes your skin gentle & soft. It dosent makes your Skin dry after using.

This face wash is for All skin types can be used by Men & Women and comes in a very affordable range. 

Overall this product is worth 

Thank you @biotique_world for this Advanced Ayurveda Products. 

Do visit their page @biotique_world

They have got wide range of products for different skin & Hair care concerns or you can get it from @nykaabeauty. 

I hope this review would really help you in finding a suitable products for your skin. 


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