Birthday Girl – Kriti Sanon Is Always On-Point From Her Acting Skills To Beauty Game

Kriti Sanon is a favorite Bollywood actress who is always on a point from her acting skills to beauty game. She is blessed with flawless and most gorgeous skin.


Here are few secrets that she swears by for her clear and glowing skin:


Skincare Is Also What You Put Inside

Apart from following a solid skincare routine, Kriti believes that skincare is what you set inside your body also. The lovely actress not only drinks a lot of water but also a fresh juice of vegetables to keep her skin glowing and detoxify her system.  


Moisturiser Is A Must

After following all the nighttime skin routines, she slathers the amount of moisturizer on her face so that the next morning she wakes up with glowing and soft skin. It helps to condition and nourish her skin. 


Sunscreen Is Essential

One skincare tip that Kriti recommends to everyone is to apply sunscreen. She always carries sunscreen in her bag. Also, she advises applying sunscreen every day irrespective of the season and must apply it after every 3 hours to prevent your skin from harmful rays, pigmentation, and tanning.   


Always Remove Your Makeup Before Bed

Kriti recommends her followers always remove their makeup before sleeping. Then she uses a cleanser followed by a face wash to thoroughly remove makeup.  


Always Rely On DIY Face Packs

Kriti whips up DIY face packs and uses items from her pantry. She uses all-natural ingredients like turmeric, flour, aloe vera gel, lemon, and gram to exfoliate her skin so that she looks fresh and glowing all day long.