BL Drama 'Semantic Error' star Jaechan's agency has finally responded to the allegations of bullying - Here's what they said

DONGKIZ's Jae-chan who rose to prominence with his latest role in a BL drama called 'Semantic Error' which is receiving a phenomenal response has been accused by a netizen of bullying and harassment with females. After the accusations were made and rumours started to spread like fire, Jaechan's agency responded as they denied all the claims made by the netizen on Twitter.

The agency stated that they have checked with the idol personally as well as with his acquaintances, they also further added that they would be taking strict legal actions against that netizen who is spreading false rumours and defaming Jaechan. They have also affirmed that the idol's background was checked as the recruiting process and it was clear.

Don't you think all the allegations are only made after an actor or idol becomes famous? What are your thoughts on it?