BLACKPINK fans accuse YG Entertainment of racist Behaviour towards Lisa, a non-Korean member!

BLACKPINK fans, called Blinks, have flooded the Twitter feed with hashtags supporting Lisa, the only non-Korean member of the famous girlgroup. Recently JC Babin, the CEO of Bvlgari revealed that YGE has barred Lisa from participating in the brand campaign and endorsement of 2021 citing Covid as a reason even though the rapper is in Paris to attend Celine Fashion week as its global ambassador.

After the news broke out, fans were quick to point out that this is not the first time that YGE had pulled Lisa out of brand promotions or intentionally running her career by not promoting her solo album like other members. Lisa's solo promotions only lasted 16 days whereas the other Korean members were given a couple of months to promote their solo. Lisa was previously barred by the company to return to her home country Thailand and was not allowed to go to her grandpa's funeral. Lisa's mom revealed that she hasn't met Lisa in about two years now.

YGE is also accused by many other brands of not letting Lisa do her duties as ambassador properly or imposing too many restrictions on them while working with Lisa. YGE has also deleted Lisa's Playlist from their Spotify account while updating Rose, Jennie and Jisoo ones, Lisa's playlist was the most liked one with 215+ likes. Mac Cosmetics' PR rep said that the reason why they announced Saweetie as one of their Global Ambassadors was also due to YGE restrictions on LISA which made them cancel their schedules as they couldn't get hold of Lisa. YGE restrictions do seem like systematic racist behaviours towards Lisa to sabotage her career while promoting the Korean members as much as possible at the cost of Lisa's popularity and career.