People should stop hating BLACKPINK for just living life

Blackpink is the most popular girl group in the world. They are the most celebrated, adored and followed girl group in K-pop. They are literally everywhere on the internet; this gives them endless exposure to new fans but at the same time it also gets them the greatest number of haters. Literally, everything that they do is picked apart and criticised. Blackpink has been hated so much for their songs, lyricality, artistry and for posting pictures to their Instagram handles.


Recently, Jennie was trolled for posing with Grimes in front of Elon Musk’s space rocket. It is just ridiculous to hate her for clicking a picture in front of a space rocket. How does it make her a capitalistic monster like all these haters are claiming?

Rosie and Jennie were trolled for flying to LA to work. Again, a fact that they have no control over, they are in a contract with a company that wanted them to fly to LA. They obeyed and went to work but the haters are claiming that they are just rubbing up their money and luxury on everyone’s face during a pandemic.


How can anyone connect these completely opposite facts is beyond our logical thinking? I just hope that people will stop hating on them for just living their life and focus more on their music and performances.