BLACKPINK Jisoo puts an end to the discussions on her acting with her astounding performance in 'Snowdrop'.

When BLACKPINK's Jisoo was announced as the female lead of the JTBC drama 'Snowdrop' opposite Jung Hae-in, BLINKS couldn't control their excitement. However, there were many viewers who were sceptic about her acting skills and were disappointed that she could make a smooth transformation to acting due to her stardom as an idol.

The drama is embroiled in multiple controversies due to which the viewership is stagnant, nevertheless, what particularly impressed the viewers in the drama is the acting skills of Jisoo, the range of emotions that she is portraying and the way she could understand the character's arc definitely surprised the viewers. Hence, she put an on all the discussions that were going around her acting skills.

Are you watching 'Snowdrop'? What are your views on Jisoo's acting?