Blackpink is arguably the biggest girlgroup in the world. They have one of the most loyal and dedicated fandoms, BLINK. BLINK’s have dealt with YG’s mistreatment for four years, their idols did not get enough comebacks, there was not a lot of songs or music videos, the Japanese music videos were also pretty much the same except few edits and except Cf’s, there is no new music coming out as for the group.

Lisa, the rapper of the group is having a solo comeback later this month. Fans are concerned that apart from promoting their anniversary project YG is not hyping up Lisa’s solo instead the company is more focused on getting them game deals and Cfs.

The 4+1 project that YG was hyping up for the group’s fifth anniversary is also not received well by the fans as they were very expensive. Apart from “THE MOVIE”, nothing else was new in that surprise package that YG was hyping up. The total cost of all the supposed gifts was 120$, BLINKS at least wanted an OT4 song and a new music video at this price. Other fandoms get V-lives and free special clips for anniversary projects but BLINKS don’t even get a V-live with all four members.

One fan wrote "I used to be worried about them not renewing their contracts but now, I don't really care if they do it or not because I sometimes forget they exist at all,” which is quite concerning. YG needs to focus more on BLACKPINK’s music rather than getting them endorsement deals.