Bliscent Chocolate & Licorice Face Mask - A Review

Finding the right face mask for dry skin can be tricky - I look for masks that brighten my skin, pull out impurities but do not dry my skin out. This one has ticked all the right boxes! Here's why I've been loving it so much:
* Brightens my skin and gives it a beautiful glow.I love licorice as a skincare ingredient, and combined with cocoa powder; it leaves my skin feeling fresh and radiant.
* Smoothens out my skin texture too, all thanks to bentonite and kaolin clay. My pores appear smaller (temporarily), it reduces the appearance of blackheads & whiteheads, and my skin appears smoother to touch.
Of course, nothing beats regular exfoliation when it comes to dealing with pesky blackheads.
* Doesn't dry out my skin - the biggest positive for me. Hydrating ingredients, such as honey and glycerin with their amazing humectant properties, balance out the presence of the drying clays.
* Hasn't caused any irritation till date.

This is a great mask to incorporate into your weekly routine - I generally use it once/twice a week. I also love using it right before applying makeup, since it smoothens out the skin texture and reduces the appearance of my pores. A complete win-win, right?