Blue hair JJK is back to crash the twitter again

Jungkook is back to crash the twitter and this time he captivated fans' hearts by giving birth to one of the fans' edits. Fans ofcourse love to edit BTS' photos. There was an edit where Jungkook had blue hair and this morning he tried dyeing his hair blue and posted a mirror selfie on twitter with a caption 'self-dyeing' which made the fans go crazy. Twitter king Jeon Jungkook trended on the platform as soon as he posted the selfie. Blueberry Jungkook literally made everyone JUNGSHOOK and he will stay rent free in our mind forever! A month back he posted a selfie on the same date with blond hair. How are we supposed to process it? So are Army's going to get a new selfie every month on 24th? Fans are also guessing that his mixtape is on his way as he posted the selfie under the hashtag JJK instead of just JK. Yes, ofcourse it's a major change and only armys can connect the dots. Again, 2 million likes in just 8 hours, the power Jeon Jungkook holds!!