Bobby is supporting B.I and some fans are not very happy about it

B.I is on his way to drop his first full length album 'Waterfall' on June 1st which consists of a collaboration song which is already out now with American artists Destiny Rogers and Tyla Yaweh. Now everything was fine until Bobby stepped in the scene. Bobby commented on B.I's instagram post cheering him up saying 'let's goo...' Bobby was letting his fans know that the song is already out as it said said 'Available on all streaming platforms'. Now, is it wrong to cheer and support your former bandmate? I don't see anything wrong in it. However, some netizens were not very supportive of Bobby's actions. According to them, Bobby shouldn't support the former iKon member B.I who was caught in the marijuana scandal. Seems that they are still angry with B.I over the offence that he committed. But all I see is just pure friendship and an eternal bond between the two. What do you think about it? Are Bobby's actions right or wrong?