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The Body shop hand creams VS Nykaa hand creams

Hand creams are a beauty product which are a staple in my handbag whenever I step out. I have a habit of constantly moisturizing my hands as they tend to get extremely dry and itchy.

I have been using the body shop hand creams since forever and they are super moisturizing. My hands feel softer and smell even nicer end of the day. Recently Nykaa launched their extensive range of hand creams and I decided to try them out. They are equally nourishing and hydrating.

Both Nykaa and The Body Shop use natural ingredients for their hand creams and intensely nourish my hands and cuticles. The only difference is the price, The Body Shop hand creams are slightly more expensive than Nykaa hand creams.

Since the Nykaa hand creams are equally nourishing and effective, I would definitely go ahead with this brand and save the extra money I would initially spend on The Body Shop hand creams.

What about you guys? Which brand would you go for? 


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