THIS Bollywood Actor Has The Coolest Love Story Than Any New-Age Celeb Couple!

Actor Suhasini Mulay is known for films like Lagaan, Jodhaa Akbar, Dil Chahta Hai etc. and she recently shared her cute and cool love story with her fans. She met her now-husband, Atul Gurtu through Facebook at the age of 59. She joined social media in order to get better roles in films, but she wasn't very fond of it until she read an article by physicist, Atul. She is inclined towards science hence she started conversing with Gurtu through emails. Apparently, the actress had never thought about marriage after her long live-in relationship ended in 1990. Finally, she married Gurtu in 2011, at the age of 60.

From meeting on Facebook to conversing through a formal medium of emails, their love story is as unique as it gets. Seniors are considered to be slow to cope up with the evolving technology. Meeting online and going on dates is considered to be something what millennials might probably do. Many might even shame elders for going on dates after a certain age. However, I feel we need more of such cute love stories.