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Bollywood Actors Like Salman, Shahrukh Romancing Women Half Their Age Is Not Okay!

The industry has been encouraging a dangerously sexist narrative that promotes the entitlement of man and endorses a youth complex in women. It comes as no shock that double standards are real in the Bollywood film industry where a female actress’s shelf-life has a ‘best by’ date but a man’s is seemingly timeless. Bollywood has had a long history of encouraging male actors to play roles in films where they’re romancing women that are sometimes young enough to be their children, and hence have a likelihood of promoting the sexist ideology that says the younger a woman is, the more desirable she is. With the most recent example of ‘Radhe', where Salman Khan is seen romancing Disha Patani who is almost half of his age or maybe more. One can argue that casting decisions in Bollywood are clearly endorsing a patriarchal, sexist and ageist mindset. What are your thoughts on this?


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