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Bollywood actors who went from riches to rags, and struggled in their last days

Usually, there are rags to riches stories. But some actors were driven penniless by the end of their career.

Yesterday, actor Satish Kaul of Mahabharat fame passed away due to Covid. He had played the role of Indra in the hit series, and had acted in as many as 300 Hindi and Punjabi movies. This drew attention to other celebrities who passed away without money.

Meena Kumari, who has often been regarded as the the most iconic actresses in Bollywood, died without the capacity to even pay for her hospital bills. She was one of the highest paid actresses of her time, and was the receiver of the term "tragedy queen." Her performance in Pakeezah won many accolades. However, personal and marital problems in her tumultuous relationship resulted in her addiction to alcohol and multiple health problems. She ran out of roles to play, and all her money was lost.

Parveen Babi, meanwhile, was the most glamorous actress of the 1970s. She had established herself as a great performer, and was very liberal in both her actions and outlook. Her final days were spent battling severe mental health issues. She was said to have been struggling with schizophrenia, and was unable to put together enough money for her treatment.


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