Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar should be held accountable for setting unrealistic beauty standards!

 Bhumi Pednekar recently shared a photo of herself in a beautiful orange dress on her Instagram handle and as I was looking at this particular photo, something seemed off. The bent book shelf behind the actress proved that the photo has been edited. Firstly, the actress looks gorgeous, so, I just don't get the point of tweaking this photo. The only reason I can think of is that the actress wanted to make her waist look even more tiny or her legs look a bit longer and that is fine as long as you let the audience know that you are photoshopping your photos. If you are constantly advocating for self-love and body positivity, what message will this send?


Bhumi Pednekar is a great actress and I highly respected her as a human being as well but unfortunately, today, my respect for her has gone down. This is exactly what bothers me and is the reason why millions of young girls are self-conscious and insecure about their looks and body. Don't preach what you can't practice Bhumi! We always hear actresses talking about body positivity and learning to love yourself but then they photoshop and edit their photos to set unrealistic beauty standard for young girls.


What are your thoughts on Bollywood actors and actresses who advocate for body-positivity but are also photoshopping and editing photos to make their body look better? Are you also bothered by the double standards?