Bollywood and their typecast actors and actress

Bollywood loves to typecast their actors and actress. Actors are often seen in a role that suits them hence when this happens, one can start to see them playing these roles in the future. After a point when the audience gets bored of them that's when they start trying out other roles. Actors and actress have been facing this since the time cinema came into existence.

The biggest challenge for an actor is to play different characters. However, acting careers become even more difficult when actors and actresses are required to play the same character over and over again throughout their careers.

Here is a list of the most typical typecast actors and actress:

  1. Kirron Kher (Punjabi Mother) - We have seen Kirron Kher playing the role of a typical Punjabi mother in so many movies, from Hum Tum to Khoobsurat.
  2. Alok Nath (Babuji) - Alok Nath has appeared in many tv shows as well as movies. We have witnessed him as a father to an innocent daughter.
  3. Iftekhar (Police Commissioner) - A famous 90's side actor who always played the police man's character.
  4. Jimmy Shergill (Rejected Lover) - Jimmy Shergill is definitely one of the most talented underrated actors in Bollywood. Most of the films he has worked in has always portrayed him as a 'Rejected Lover'.
  5. Reema Lagoo (Mother) - Any old 90s movie or the early 2000's movie, we have witnessed Reema Lagoo playing the role of a mother.
  6. Anupam Kher (The Friendly Father) - Just like Alok Nath, Anupam Kher has been portrayed as a father. The difference that lies over here is the fact, Alok looked innocent and strict and Anupam Kher looked more relaxed and fun.