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Hi Roomies! I am Abhinav Shukla. Going to be live here on December 9, 5:00 pm. Any questions you want to ask me, let me know in t...Read More
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Lovely Tina : Hi Abhinav, do you have any plan to direct a web series someday
0 REPLY 09 Dec 2022
How many of you enjoyed watching this? Or are yet to watch? Share your reviews?
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Bulbbul. 🐯🐯 : Raj deserves this success
0 REPLY 111 hours ago
Earlier this week, Kumar said that he had turned down the movie because he was not happy with the script. Bollywood Hungama has n...Read More
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Tolkien : Now there're rumours about Akki is turning back to the movie. I hope it's not true. Using Kartik and to tread on him for pr is a shame even for Akki.
1 REPLY 10 Dec 2022
The most loved couple and the richest Indian couple DeepVeer are celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary.
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Zxy.♥️ : PR bhaiya and bhabhi.
4 REPLY 1 weeks ago
Hi Roomies! I am Divyanka Tripathi. Going to be live here on November 15, 5:00 pm. Any questions you want to ask me, let me know ...Read More
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Divya Surve : If you ever get chance to work in the film industry... What kind of role do you want to play ??
0 REPLY 15 Nov 2022
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BollyLover : This slut keeps posting about DP and RS day and night but starts abusing us when we post about rat faced midget Aloo lol, never seen a bigger hypocrite
0 REPLY 8 hours ago
Who inflated their ego to this level? the public of course.
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Someone recently did a poll for Alia's and Tara's singing, hence posting this video. This is just painful. The minute she started...Read More
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Bollywood Queen : This whor is obsessed with Queen Bhatt.
0 REPLY 10 hours ago
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Bollywood Queen : Whor Kang is a liar.
0 REPLY 10 hours ago
Sriya Lenka is the first India's Kpop Idol as well as she is the member of the Kpop Group erday, Sakshma Srivastav has taken her...Read More
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Bollywood Queen : Queen Bhatt
0 REPLY 10 hours ago
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FR€€ $P!R!T : Why didn't she speak when Aishwarya Rai was speaking, literally there can't be done much now. Salman is an old man nearing 60, he is a spent force, he can't be schooled now.
2 REPLY 12 hours ago
Director - Farah KHAN, actor- Shah Rukh KHAN.
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FR€€ $P!R!T : Is PV in love with 'Terrrists' ?, they aren't allowing the users to post comments with actual spellling.
1 REPLY 12 hours ago