Bollywood Celebrities With The Most Expensive Vanity Vans!

1) Shah Rukh Khan - The Badshah of Bollywood owns a luxurious vanity van worth five crores, It is customized by Dilip Chhabria, the van is a B9R Volvo and the length is 14m long. It is said to be quite spacious, has a different makeup room, cubicle for the shower, glass on the floor, and wood panels on the roof.

2) Sanjay Dutt - Sanjay's vanity van is very spacious, designed by Dilip Chhabria. It has a central power unit, lounge area, two big TV screens, detachable computers, and two gaming consoles. This vanity van is worth 3.5 crores.

3) Hrithik Roshan - Hrithik's vanity is pretty awesome, it's legit paradise on wheels. Hrithik had it designed as per his needs by Dilip Chhabria. He made sure he had enough room for his meetings. Hrithik's main focus was the makeup room, he has added a black & white texture to it.

4) Vivek Oberoi - Though this actor doesn't do many movies and is not talked about often, his vanity van will sure leave everyone astonished! Vivek spent 2.5 crores on his vanity and got it designed by Dilip Chhabria. Reportedly, he has added a very rock star kinda look with a red and silver base.

5) Deepika Padukone - Deepika's vanity has been made by Vinita Chaitanya. Her vanity has been divided into three areas comprising a private area, a small sitting area, and a staff area with a pantry. A decent amount of space has been allotted for her closet and makeup.

6) Salman Khan - Bhaijaan owns a luxurious vanity van which he uses as his rehearsal room. It's authentic in appearance, it has a huge portrait of him inside. Salman's vanity is considered as one of the most famous vanity vans.

7) Alia Bhatt - Alia got her vanity van customized recently by Amrita Mahalnakni. Her vanity is full of vibrant colors and motivational quotes engraved on it. According to Alia Bhatt, her vanity is her second home.

8) Kapil Sharma - Kapil is going to start with a new TV show and has decided to give a new life to his career, his first step towards this is his vanity van. Kapil has built a vanity van and got it designed by Dilip Chhabria and according to rumors, his vanity van is costlier than most of the other Bollywood celebs. His vanity is fully air-conditioned, has a spacious cabin, has LED lights all around. His vanity van which is actually a truck doesn't go unnoticed by anyone!