Bollywood Celebs Reveal Their SECRET to Success

Bollywood is a world full of glam, name and fame, and who doesn't want to enjoy that. Many in this country wake up everyday with a dream to shine in this industry. Here are a few actors who used some methods from Rhonda Byrne's book, The Secret to ensure their success:

Ranveer Singh: He revealed in a talkshow about the story of his 23rd birthday. His sister had read this book and applied the mentioned techniques for her dear brother. She replaced the candles on his birthday cake with some pictures with his face morphed on Yash Raj Films' leading heroes. Later, he kept those pictures in his bedroom and observed them everyday and boom! His debut film, Band Baja Baaraat was produced by YRF.

Anushka Sharma: During her audition process at YRF for her debut film Rab Ne Banadi Jodi, she read the book and applied the secret. She used to watch YRF motion logo on loop everyday and when she was selected, she couldn't stop her tears.

Bipasha Basu: In an interview, she talked about reading this book and realizing that she had been following it unknowingly. Everything she has achieved is an outcome of her thoughts.

Freida Pinto: She debuted as Latika in the Oscar Award Winner film Slum Dog Millionaire. Her sister mentions that Frieda applied this Law Of Attraction even before she started acting professionally. She used to rehearse her award speeches everyday before the mirror.

So, now we know their Secret.