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Is Bollywood as an industry dying?

With the pandemic and OTT platforms gaining more clout, do you think Bollywood as an industry is slowly dying? Everything is now available on various OTT platforms and some Bollywood movies are even being bought out by these giant platforms for direct to OTT releases. Watching a movie in a cinema hall seems like a far away dream now. It doesn't help that the future of Bollywood doesn't seem too promising either. None of these younger actors have been able to, or even can attain the level of stardom of the 3 Khans or Hrithik or Akshay, the really big actors of Bollywood. People go crazy to watch their films, but once they retire, will the stardom still remain? With so much diversity in the entertainment industry, I don't think Bollywood is "dying", but I do think it is losing the power that it held.

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