Bollywood really has to check its concept of 'Feminism'!

Bollywood fraternity talks about feminism only when it suits them. That does not mean they are feminists or even begin to understand the meaning of the word. They use it as a weapon to promote themselves or their movie. For example, Sunny Leone while promoting her movie " One Night Stand" said in an interview that her movie promotes feminism because if men can have one-night stands women can too. So this movie is actually empowering women in a way. According to her night stands are empowering.

Now you see why Bollywood would unnecessarily put item numbers in their movies. Because they attract attention and help them earn profits. They don't care about feminism or objectifying women at all. I don't say that item song should be banned completely. There are situations where such songs are a necessity. But using them just for the sake of promotions is not justified.