Bollywood remakes of International films- Satte Pe Satta(Seven Brides for Seven Brothers)

While the original was more of a musical & the dance part was much better there than in Satte pe Satta the remake stands out because of R.D.Burman's music where the title song "Dukki pe Dukki" & "Pyaar Hume Kis Mod Pe Le Aaya" are purely outstanding. Amitabh Bachchan is in his usual mode of the 70s-80s where the Kader Khan brand of dialogues was used to build a larger than life personality of sorts you know the typical frontbencher stuff, but he's drunk comedy scene with Amjad Khan is easily his best from this movie. But the cake belongs to Hema Malini here who is fantastic as the fiery lady who sets the wild bunch straight, Ranjeeta also leaves a mark. Amjad Khan is pretty good as usual. Among all the brothers, Sachin is very good & Kanwaljit Singh is earnest in what he gets, alongside Paintal & Sudhir who get some funny moments, but overall it's Shakti Kapoor who easily takes away all the attention.