Is Bollywood Responsible For Yet Another Possible Lockdown In Mumbai?

As a second wave of coronavirus pandemic hits parts of India especially in the state of Maharashtra, many have been fearing the possibility of yet another lockdown in the state. For instance, Mumbai suburban areas alone have seen a weekly rise in cases by 19 per cent. And Bollywood being one of the most crowded and busiest industries here is at the onus to take the blame for it! But how much of it is true? Let's find out.

Bollywood Industry was among the few industries that were allowed to function even during the lockdown period but only with some specific restrictions and guidelines to be followed strictly. The reason being it is a high revenue generating industry. But even then we could see stars and the casting crew constantly falling prey to Covid 19. From Varun Dhawan to Amitabh Bachchan to Arjun Kapoor to Tamanna Bhatia, we saw majority of our celebs posting about being Covid positive.

So there definately was some sort of lag or disrespect to the guidelines in order. Majority of sets not bothering to even check the temperatures and the blood levels before allowing anybody on a set. And now when even those guidelines are being somewhat lifted to an extent, it gives all the more possibilities of Bollywood being a breeding ground for the new Covid wave in the city.

Jackie Shroff who was among the first celebs to react to the news said, "What can I say about people who're being callous? Who will listen to me? If you value your life, you must wear a mask." While Gujarati actor Pratik, who hit the limelight with his performance in Hansal Mehta's Scam 1992, said: " I know we all have to start working at some point of time but we also need to understand the basics of the 'new normal' and learn to live with all precautions being taken at every step."

And now when theaters are allowed to function at 100 percent occupancy, how safe would it be for the general public, that only time will tell. To sum it all up, ofcourse we want to be entertained and watch our beloved stars on the big screen again but not at the cost of yet another possible lockdown. What are your views about this? Note it down in the comment section below.