Bollywood is still not boycotting Sajid Khan - Thoughts?

Sajid Khan, as we all know, was accused by multiple women (key word is multiple), including internationally credible Saloni Chopra, during the MeToo movement. The accusations were not only of Sexual Harrassment but also of Sexual Abuse. The women who accused him were not nameless entities. In fact, they were all quite established actresses who don’t need Bollywood for anything.

Despite all this, despite all the trauma that Sajid Khan induced not only in the victims but also in those women who became afraid to enter Bollywood after reading those stories, he is not being boycotted in Bollywood. Actors keep mentioning him in their stories and being cordial with him. A recent example includes Malaika Arora posting a throwback picture from Housefull and tagging him in her story with an inside joke and a few laughing emojis. Umm, wtf? She is a woman for Christ’s sake. Doesn’t she get how disgusting of a man he had been?

Sajid Khan’s life hasn’t changed a bit, and even if it has, he doesn’t seem to be paying for his actions at all. This is a problem. A big problem. It is one thing to come on Koffee with Karan and say you stand with the victims of the #MeToo Movement and it is another to actually take a morally acceptable stand. Shame on you, Bollywood.