The Bollywood Superhero crossover- we would love to WATCH!

Crossovers in Bollywood films and shows are uncommon, with only a few films have used this tactic in the past. However, as cinema has evolved and other forms of entertainment have been available, consumers have discovered a variety of content that combines two or more characters from different shows and movies into one, causing fans to go crazy. "Rohit Shetty Cop Universe" and the upcoming Horror/Spy-universe are some recent examples.

Many individuals have begun to take chances since the OTT age began, and creating a crossover film between two vigilantes would not be such a horrible idea. Yes, we're talking about Superhero Bhavesh Joshi and Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota! Each film had a lot of potentials but flopped at the box office. However, because to OTT channels, both films have garnered cult followings since then.

Harshvardhan Kapoor played 'Insaaf Man' in "Bhavesh Joshi," and was hailed for his portrayal of Sikandar "Siku" Khanna, a guilt-ridden man who believes he is to blame for the death of his friend Bhavesh Joshi. To make amends, Siku works hard to become the 'Insaaf Man,' a masked vigilante who battles for the truth and exposes the corrupt individuals guilty for Bhavesh Joshi's killing. The film wonderfully demonstrated the significance of challenging officials rather than simply going through the motions of daily life, as well as how those in positions of authority control events.

Because both the characters in 'Insaaf Man' and 'Surya' believe in justice and righteousness, a crossover between the serious Siku and the socially awkward Surya to combat evil would be a great crossover. And, because both films have a large fan base, the thought of moving forward will be embraced by all, as crossovers often delight audiences!

@Bollywood are you listening? Make this crossover happen, please!