Bollywood villains and their impact on the audience even today!

There are so many iconic Bollywood villains out there. Starting from Mogambo to Shakaal all these villains have definitely left some impact on the audience. Until today, everyone still remembers these 90s characters. Many villains have come and gone today from this generation but the villains of the 90s have a different fan base. Here are 4 Bollywood villains and their impact on the audience even today:

  1. Ranjeet as Ranjeet - Ranjeet was one of the most iconic actors and characters played in the 90s. Ranjeet was famous for having only evil intentions against others. It is said that, around 350 rapes were committed by this character on screen. This had definitely left a huge impact on the audience till today.
  2. Kancha Cheena, Agneepath - A re-make of the same movie was done in 2012 where Sanjay Dutt played the character 'Kancha Cheena'. Be it Danny Denzongpa or Sanjay Dutt, both the actors have completely aced in their work. A character you would hate from the bottom of your heart was undoubtedly Kancha Cheena.
  3. Shakaal, Shaan - One of the 'coolest' villains was Shakaal. This character was played by Kulbhushan Kharbanda. He was not just known to be cool but also was known to be one of the most fancy villains of the 90s. The reason the audience considered him fancy was because of his personal island with sharks and crocodiles.
  4. Bulla, Gunda - Just like how Shakaal was known to be fancy and cheap, Bulla was known to be one of the cheapest villains.