Bored? Watch These Dramas to Kill Time

1. Chief Kim This business comedy is a satire about the corruption within conglomerates in South Korea. It is perfect for those who are looking for something without any romance or serious feelings. It is a light story and makes for a good watch in general.

2. Avenger’s Social Club The show focuses on three women who have been done wrong by those around them and come together to undo the same. They work together to fight bullies, those who exploit the lesser privileged and other social evils in comic manners.

3. Welcome to Waikiki This drama focuses on three men who run a guesthouse and their lives. It is hilarious and gives you a break from all that is happening around you. If you ever have the time, watch an episode of this to know what to not do with a baby as will be demonstrated by the character’s in this show.