'Boys Over Flower' fame Nam Da-reum will enlist in the military soon

One of the best, most popular child actors, who is no more a child, Nam Da-reum is all set to enlist in the military very soon. The actor, who was last seen in 'Doom At Your Service, revealed the news through his social media which is handled by him and his mother, his mother wished everyone a Happy Lunar new year and went on to share that her son who hasn't left her side for more than three days will be gone for eighteen months.

The actor also revealed in the post that he wanted to enlist in the military as soon as he turn twenty (in Korean age). He will enlist in the military on February 8. Nam Da-reum has starred as the younger version of many leads in a variety of dramas from 'Boys Over Flower' to 'While You were Sleeping' and gained a lot of attention for his marvellous acting.

This sudden announcement left everyone baffled since actors and idols try to postpone their enlistment till the late 20s then what could be the reason? I feel this would actually benefit him since he will not be required to leave in the middle of his career and it will also help him to transform into this image of being an adult and break the child actor image.

We wish him good health. Which is your favourite drama of Nam Da-reum?