Brahmastra review: A one time, must watch for every Bollywood fan

Although the action, CGI, and cinematography are Kesariya, the Love Storiyaan portion is, well, Love Storiyaan. similar to Elaichi in Biryani Despite a few story holes, Brahmastra is a huge, tremendously enjoyable visual extravaganza.


We have Shiva (Ranbir), the main character of Ayan Mukerji's Astraverse, whose superpower is fire. He immediately falls in love with Isha (Alia), but their love tale is cut short when he is forced to join a dangerous quest to save the Brahmastra. Since ancient times, a covert organisation known as "Brahmansh" has guarded the fragments of the potent Brahmastra to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. To raise a long-dead, all-powerful Dark God, our opponent Junoon (Mouni) is searching for all three components.


As he rushes through his journey, Shiva arrives at the Gurukul, where he meets Guru (Amitabh Bachchan) and discovers that he is more personally involved in this catastrophe than he realises.


Diverse characters from Brahmastra who use a variety of astras, such as Vanarastra (Shah Rukh Khan) and Nandi Astra, aid in the struggle against evil (Nagarjuna Akkineni).


Will Shiva be able to contain his fire, or will it consume him? To learn more, view Brahmastra.


The Brahmastra team deserves praise for opening the road for a fresh take on storytelling and adventure in Bollywood. It provides a fully immersive cinematic experience because to its spectacular CGI, exciting action scenes, and lovely music. There are certain scenes that are ACTUALLY SO PRETTY.


The romance between Shiva and Isha, however, is a weakness in the armour. The conversations are cheesy, and the romance is awkward and embarrassing. This romantic music is a letdown for a movie that relies so much on the strength of love.


Additionally, the runtime might have been reduced; several moments drag on far too long and only have a superficial emotional impact. If the romance had been less of a focus on Brahmastra and more on the exploration of the Astraverse. In Gurukul, a number of compelling personalities are introduced but not given enough attention.


Criticism aside, Brahmastra is a treat to watch on the big screen and Ayan's vision deserves to be supported. Go and watch in theatres!