Is brown skin equal to being underprivileged?

In recent years, Bollywood has undergone a colossal amount of change in how they perceived and presented their content in front of their viewers and the shift has mostly been on the positive side of the graph. But there are certain areas where the industry needs to look upon seriously and act accordingly.

In my opinion, there is one such change Bollywood urgently needs to look upon is that of color-ism. Movies like Super 30, Gully Boy, and Bala are some of the living examples where Bollywood has mocked brown skin tone in the form of projecting underprivileged background and it is certainly not cool. I

n a way, we as the audience are partially responsible for a sad thing happening like this. SRK’s daughter Suhana has been flooded with DMs question her brown skin tone. In a situation like this, whom do we hold responsible?

Let us know your take on color-ism in Bollywood.