BTS and their famous pets

BTS is not the only one who is famous and adored by ARMY. There are some special members of BTS who are sometimes shown on big screens or make a cameo on their Twitter page. They are also as famous as BTS and even as their own fan clubs. They are none other than their pets. BTS members have an adorable bond with their pets and they have also felt the pain of losing their loved companions.

Jin used to have a pair of Sugar Glider’s, named Odeng and Eomuk, that was a gift from his parents. He first showed them to ARMY on the DNA comeback show. He got them in 2017 but sadly just after a year in 2018 Eomuk passed away. In 2019, Odeng also passed away.

Suga has a beautiful dog, Min Holly, whom he adores. Suga posted a short clip of Holly playing with a toy Piano, and ARMY’s christened Holly as Jr. MIN PD. RM has an adorable snow-white pupper, named Rapmon. Yes, his name is derived from RM’s previous stage name, Rapmonster. Just like his owner, Rapmon loves walking and enjoying nature.

The most famous one out of all of them is V’s Pomeranian, Kim Yeontan. Yeontan lived with BTS in their dorm but due to busy schedules, V moved him with his parents. Yeontan has made many special cameos in their movies and bangtan bombs. He also has his own fan club “Taehgars”.

Jungkook has a sweet white Maltese Gureum who does not remember Jungkook because he moved away from his home very young to join BTS. J-hope’s family dog Mickey is also very cute. Only, Jimin does not have any pets as he is allergic to cats and he is too irresponsible to own a dog.