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BTS are just lucky and fortunate. Nothing else..

BTS have undergone some of the toughest days since their debut. Their agency too was not well set up. They all worked hard to reach where they are right now. There were also days when they received criticism and hatred.

But isn't this very obvious in k-pop? Criticism and uncertainty about whether or not you will shine is a tag along with your debut. There are uncountable groups but only 10% of them are able to shine and get a firm hold in the industry. Many of the bands and artists just remain unheard.

BTS in this case were very lucky. They just got fame in just 3-4 years, which is a great deal. Other bands too, work hard and have amazing songs then why is it only BTS every time?

In my opinion, you will probably kill me if I say they are overrated but other groups I feel are highly underrated. They should get the attention they deserve. Luck was surely on BTS' cards and still is. Why focus on BTS and Blackpink only? Give chance and embrace other k-pop acts too.

Because of the BTS' hype that fans have created other talents never come up.


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