BTS' Jin expresses Concern regarding Costly Pricing of Group's Merchandise

BTS is coming up with merchandise that has been planned and designed by the band members themselves. ARMYs were excited about it, but as the price was revealed, fans were shocked and so was Jin!

As the eldest member, he was the first member to reveal his merchandise. The singer came up with the nightwear collection and personally looked after the sizes, material, design, prints, and comfort factor. The cute pajama sets and pillows can be bought in two versions - the "Good Day" and "Bad Day" versions.

Each pajama set costs about $100 USD, while the pillow costs about $58.00 USD. Popular brands in Korea sell pajamas worth around $40, while road-shop brands sell around $25 and lower, which is much affordable than thiis. After checking out the price, Jin shared on Weverse "I asked them to use quality material for pajamas but what is that price tag...I'm surprised too."

Jin has expressed thoughts of millions of broke ARMYs. Fans are amazed by his reaction and loved how relatable he is. Although ARMYs do realize that the merch is special as it is made from the efforts of Bangtan, but in the end, it is too costly to afford.

What are your thoughts on this?