BTS' Jungkook recognized by Rolling Stone for his multi-talents - Here's what they called him

BTS' youngest member Jungkook is one of the most intelligent and multi-talented artists in the world of K-pop. For his various skills and all-rounder abilities, he earned the name of Golden maknae at a very young age. Well, guess what! Our Golden maknae is finally being recognized for his multi-talented personality. Recently, Rolling Stone magazine called Jungkook 'Young Genius Polymath' in an article on BTS. The word Polymath means someone who excels across a diverse range of areas and has extensive knowledge and skills.

The word truly represents Jungkook who is already known as the 'Ace of Kpop' and 'Modern Day Renaissance man'. From Singing to painting, he enjoys a wide range of artistic activities, along with that he has proved from time and again his athleticism in 'Run BTS' as well as his marvel in academics. ARMYs were beyond excited to see Jungkook being recognized for his genius on a global level.

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