BTS' Jungkook tested COVID-19 positive; BTS US tour is not off to a good start

BTS' members have left for Grammys and their "Permission to Dance on Stage - LA" concerts. However, it looks like nothing is going according to plan so far. First, BTS' rapper and dancer J-Hope was tested COVID-19 positive who is still under quarantine and will only leave for the US next month and just now, BIGHIT MUSIC has shared that BTS' youngest member, Junhkook has also been tested positive and is currently under quarantine. The pop sensation will be performing during the Grammys but considering two of the members are under quarantine, it is uncertain what will happen.

Fortunately, the other five members including Jin, SUGA, V, RM and Jimin left after Jungkook since the latter had to take care of some work, therefore, they were not in Jungkook's contact. BIGHIT apologized in the statement for causing concern. Regardless of the Grammys, what actually matters is the health of the members, we wish J-Hope and Jungkook a quick recovery and hopefully, the rest of the tour will pan out 'smooth as butter.'

Do you think all the members will be able to perform on the night of the Grammys?