BTS members apply for military enlistment deferral - What do you think should all the members enlist together?

All the seven members of BTS have applied for military enlistment deferral till the age of 30. All Korean men are supposed to enlist in the military to fulfil their duties by the age of 28. However, the "BTS Military Service Act" amendment in Military Service Act is under discussion.


The amendment includes individuals in the field of pop culture and arts who have contributed to enhancing South Korea's national prestige and status to be included in those who can receive the benefits of postponing and being exempted from their mandatory military enlistment.


So far, only BTS is allowed to postpone their enlistment, there has not been any consensus whether other pop culture artists should also be allowed to postpone their enlistment. That means BTS will still be performing as a group till the end of 2022.


However, after that do you think all the members should enlist together in the military? Or, they should do it individually?