BTS rapper Suga on Mental health

Suga is known to be the most vocal when discussing emotional well-being. In "The Last", one of the melodies for his performance project as Agust D, he expressed that he experiences self-loathing, anxiety and depression during his childhood. His other melody "So Far Away" additionally communicates the sensation of forlornness to the point of outrage, surrender, and the sinking sensation of being given up on. BTS have always been outspoken about mental health especially in an environment where being vulnerable has been seen a not masculine or weak. These boys have never shy away from speaking the truth of the idol life and their vulnerability is what keeps the them grounded and close with the armies.

It is rare for idols to speak about mental health because of the stigma surrounding the sensitive topic. BTS Suga as well as the other members have never shy away from speaking on such topics breaking norms that have been normalized.