Is BTS really coming to India?

BTS is currently doing concerts (PTD on stage in Seoul) in their homeland and soon will proceed to Las Vegas for more concerts and Grammys. They just returned to Korea in December after doing 4 day concert in Los Angeles. However, there were many articles circulating in Indian media that their next potential location would be Gujarat, India.

Now many might wonder why Gujarat but not Mumbai or Delhi? It's because Gujarat has the largest stadium in the world and that might be the potential reason why they chose the place.

As per the news sources, it is said that 10 venues in Asia, 8 venues in Europe, 11 venues in U.S., 3 venues in Canada, 2 venues in Latin America and Australia have been shortlisted by HYBE labels. I really don't know if the rumors are true or not. And the best thing is to wait for the official announcements by HYBE. What are your opinions? Will they come to Gujarat? Do you think BTS will visit Indian Armys?