BTS' RM and TXT's Taehyun express disappointment at the 2022 Beijing Olympics Short Track Speed-Skating Event

Not only RM and Taehyun, but many Korean are angry at this particular incident that occurred at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. As the event is being hosted in China, many believe that the judges are being favorable towards the Chinese teams.

Particularly during the speed skating match, a Chinese player was seen pushing a Korean player's knee to make him low down. Soon the Korean player got badly injured during the match, as an Italian player crashed into him while overtaking other competitors. The Korean player Park Jang-Hyuk fell down and the Chinese player accidentally skated over his hand. The medical team reached and aided his wound on the place.

RM posted the video of it with 2 clapping and 1 thumbs up emoticon on his Instagram story. Meanwhile, a TXT fan asked on Weverse if they had watched the match. Taehyun replied, "No matter how many times I rewatch it, the short track event was too much." Then he said "I just watched it with Huekai. Is this for real..? with two angry emoticons.

The internet was ablaze because of the controversy and many are telling to boycott 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. What are your thoughts on this?